March 25 & 26

body was beat up after the last two days. Really had to force work Wednesday and Thursday. 

Wednesday 2:00 pm

  • 2 position clean 4 x 1 @ 92kg
  • Push-jerk + jerk 3 x 1 @ 96 kg, 2 x 1 @ 98 kg (footwork and torso felt great) 
  • Front squats 5 x 4 @ 98kg ( really pushing better torso and bottom position. These were a fight for the perfect rep) 
  • Strict pull-ups 3 x 8 chest to bar

Thursday 3:00 pm

  •  2-position snatch 3 x 1 @ 68 kg, 2 x 1 @ 70 kg (these were awesome! Smoked them and was happy as could be) 
  • Snatch pulls 5 x 4 @ 94 kg
  • Bench press 5 x 7 @ 91 kg
  • Good mornings 3 x 6 @ 44kg 
  • Pendlay rows 3 x 6 @ 66 kg (ran out of time for all 5 sets )

Really happy with progress being made. Lindsey has really helped me with my quad and hamstring mobility the past few days. Without out Wednesday nights mobility session I don’t think I could have squated Thursday. Ready for a rest day tomorrow. 

Excited for Saturday’s lifting, haven’t clean and jerked in a few weeks and can’t wait to see how it feels put back together. 

I also have begun looking into adding in a few more carbohydrates on my heavier days. Not sure of my weight but want to keep it in a good range. I feel really light right now, not sure if that is accurate or not. I will hop on a scale Saturday at CF Lewisville. 


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