March 23, 2015

I haven’t blogged in a long time so it is time to hit the keyboard. Lots going on in my life and I want to share it. Here is a quick on the 4 F’s, family, faith, food, fitness. Enjoy

Family- is fantastic! My son is a little over a year old and such a sweetheart! He is pure joy, so glad I get to live life with him. My wife, Lindsey ( her blog here ) is rocking like she always does. She is the most amazing mom ever! Dawson is so lucky to have her.

Faith – Lindsey and I lead a home group at The Village Church. Our group is going through a study of James right now, along with the church. The men’s group is working through Ben Stuart’s “This Changes Everything” and the ladies are working a Jen Wilkin’s study. We both have been really encouraged by the growth of our group both spiritually and in numbers. We are hoping the Lord multiplies our group and creates several homegroup leaders from our group.

Food – I have really decided I am going to write recipe book. I have a deep passion for cooking and want to share that with others. I often have people ask me how to cook what I made, and I cant really tell them because I make most of the stuff up. So I have decided I am going to make a book of recipes for people. I recently made a paleo orange chicken and it was DELISH. cant wait to make it again.

Fitness – I have currently “retired” (whatever that means) from competitive CrossFit, and I am currently pursuing weightlifting, commonly known as olympic weightlifting. I spend the better part of September 2014 – Jan 2015 not doing much. I got really bogged down with hunting season and putting more emphasis on personal training at work. This combination led to me not making time for myself. In Feb 2015, I decided to make move to weightlifting because I have always really liked it and wanted to do it full-time. I figured no better day then now. I am currently 7 weeks into my first 12 week cycle from Catalyis Athletics. I have made a few adjustments to the program to address some weakness of mine and to let my body acclimate to training 5 days per week again. In May, I will participate in my first weightlifting meet since 2012, and my third ever. Lock and Load is in Van Aylste, Texas. I have competed in two meets 2011 – 80/110/190 and 2012 85/112/197. I am looking to go 98/119/217.

Here are few pictures of my son.

IMG_8011 IMG_8318 IMG_8329 IMG_8363 IMG_8415


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