Recent workouts

Began a new training program today and I am glad to be apart of it. I have put my fitness on the back burner for several months now (18-24) to run the two gyms and haven’t made it a priority. That is starting to change.

Monday 8/5/13

“Hulk Hogan”

every 2:00 x 10 rounds

3 muscle-ups, 5 power cleans @ 185#, 7 burpees.

:49, :57, :59, 1:03, 1:17, 1:19, 1:30, 1:53, 1:48

Didn’t think I would make it all the way through this. really glad I did.

Back squats 8 x 3 @ 205

Could have gone heavier, but didn’t want to push my limits today and be way too sore for the next training session..


Tuesday 8/613

25 thursters @ 95#, 25 toes-2-bar, 25 box jumps @ 24″, 25 toes-2-bar, 25 thrusters @ 95#

So much of me didn’t want to do this because of the thrusters, I HATE THEM!! But with the push of good teammates, Tucker and Stephen, I was able to push through and finish in 6:55.

Deadlifts 7×1 275-315-365-375-385-395,405



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