Disciplined Leadership

I was asked the other day how I define disciplined leadership. I have thought about this for several days and have come to the following definition. It makes sense to me and hopefully makes sense to you.

I think the whole idea of disciplined leadership is the maturation process from an “it’s not my job” attitude to excellence as second nature. A deep rooted belief that  leadership is grown, desired, purposeful and develops over time.

Leadership isn’t a quality that is innate, it is GROWN, just like one’s knowledge of science, mathematics or history. Does it come easier to some more than others? Yes! But disciplined leadership takes a small natural tendency to lead and turns it into a lifestyle of leading. This lifestyle pushes the envelope on many concepts in life and is constantly looking for the most innovated, efficient ways to live life and share that lifestyle with others.

A big separation between someone who wants to be in charge and a disciplined leader, is the DESIRE to lead beyond the regular 9-5 hours, to take the heat when something goes wrong and be okay with being wrong. Disciplined leaders are okay with taking chances and DESIRE the pressure to lead (hopefully in a humble manner).

Leadership is only as powerful as the PURPOSE. A disciplined leader constantly has a purpose in mind. They may appear to be “gypsy-hearted” but deep down inside they are moving towards a particular goal. Their energy, time management and overall lifestyle are directed towards one focus.

Understanding time it essential in being a disciplined leader, because you understand everything takes time. You understand their are specific processes and protocols (but are constantly trying to break through them). With this understanding, disciplined leaders understand their own personal growth takes time and needs to be educated daily for the process to continue.

Those are my thoughts. I would like to hear yours in the comments below.



One thought on “Disciplined Leadership

  1. Awesome post! I completely agree that disciplined leadership means leading beyond the 9-5 and it is absolutely a lifestyle. I think it can often be a challenging and thankless job, but when you’re committed to a greater purpose it is so worthwhile. People who take the time and opportunity to raise up other people to lead vs telling and demanding is something that all companies need more of.

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