Bad days

So today wasn’t a bad day for me, but it sure was for someone i had contact with today and boy did it make me think about bad days.

I think we all have bad days and to some degree rightfully so. Life can be very hard, unpredictable and challenging; but only because we are super selfish people. We want everything on our time, in our color, on our terms, and when it doesn’t play our that way… (insert reaction).

The reaction I saw from someone having a bad day (I’m guessing it was a bad day, because they were ballistic) made me really consider how I treat people when I am having a bad day.

Do I come across as a monster?

Do I glare?

Do I snap?

I’m afraid of the answers to those questions.

Today I am making a commitment to not allow my selfishness to effect my view of the world and how I rank my day.

I refuse to have a bad day! I refuse to further the chain of bad days!


Hanging with family is a great way to not have a bad day!


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