Counting Calories

So this week I began to count my calories throughout the day. I have never really weighted and measured my food so this is pain-staking. It’s worse than food prep.

Why you ask, because I’ve had a lot of people ask me about that recently and I never have a good answer for them. Also, the non-CrossFit world is in love with calories-in-calories-out theories and I feel this will produce some good discussion points for those conversations.

Another data point I wanted to collect (dont even know if that is properly worded) is my fat intake. I hear all this crap about how “fat is bad” “you’re going to have heart problems” “I bet your cholesterol is high” so I figured I’d track this for a week, maybe two if I can handle it and then go to the doctor and get blood work done to see how “bad” everything is.

Stay tuned…


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