For the past few weeks, I have been following OPT’s programming training for the South Central CrossFit regional. Today on the workout post, he put up and article discussing warm-ups. This topic has been mentioned a lot lately around the gym, because I have been playing with different warm-up styles, movements, concepts, etc.


Please read this article and then post your thoughts to the article and theses questions:

1.) What does your warm-up look like? long? short? movements?

2.) Have you ever changed your warm-up according to your workout?

3.) General thoughts on the article.


One thought on “Warm-ups

  1. Well, here’s my 2 cents…even though it isn’t worth much!! 🙂 I hate warming up. Like. Hate. it. but I hate it less than I used to since joining CrossFit. I never saw the value of it. In fact, I STILL wasn’t a believer until the first time we did a CF Total. That was the first time I really understood the value of a warm up.

    so. i hated warmups. i still do. but i now see the value in them. so…since i hate them…the shorter the better!! 🙂

    There’s my un-fitness-educated response.

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