back on track

After a solid month, plus of training I was able to perform at a fairly high level this past weekend at the Cupid’s Challenge at CrossFit FXTX. I was fairly skeptical of the wod’s chosen for the competition, but felt my training had been solid enough to allow me to perform the silly workouts.

Below I have the workouts along with my times.

WOD #1

AMRAP 17:00 (as many rounds/reps as possible)

9 lunges w/ a slosh pipe overhead (a 6″ x 8′ pvc filled 1/2 with water.)

9 deadlifts (alternating grip each set) @ 225#

9 wall-ball 2-fers (perform an extra squat while the med-ball is descending from the initial throw)

Score = 8 rounds + 9 Lunges (goal was 9-10 rounds), First place by 7 lunges.

Thoughts = long time domain, but short rounds made for a breather of a wod. my first few rounds were 1:25-1:30 splits. didn’t break the dealifts until round 5. Looking back I should have push harder on wall-balls, but I won so Ill take that.

WOD #2

4 rounds of

40 m gallops (weird frog hoppy thing on the ground)

10 knee-to-elbows

10 clapping push-ups

15 GHD sit-ups

then, 1k row

Score: 15:07, (goal was sub 15:00), 2nd place finish

Thoughts =  only the GHD’s were difficult and boy did they slow me down. I’m not huge fan of this movement in wod’s but love it for focused type training, regardless my 4:09 (unacceptable) 1 k row was not my best friend at the time. I felt my recovery was good, my pace was good, but GHD’s need to improve greatly.

WOD #3

“disorienting Fran”

9-15-21 of

dumbbell thrusters, 50# in one hand, 40# in the other, 10 spins (yes, spin around while standing up), chest-to-bar

Score =6:32, 1st place finish

Thoughts = Spins were pretty silly and slightly effected the workout. First 2 rounds of thrusters were unbroken, 3rd round was 7-7-7 (i think), pull-ups were as followed 9/10-5/7-4-4-3-3. Pretty pleased with the result, didn’t know what to expect. I need to work on sucking it up and knocking out more pull-ups.

Final thoughts:

I was really glad I finish atop the podium when it was all said and done. That was my goal and I achieved that goal. This weekend was exactly what I needed. I have been out of the competition mode for several months now (6 to be exact) and I was reminded why I love competition. It wasn’ t winning, it wasn’t the pain, it WAS the goal! I was told back in January I had no chance at winning the Cupid’s Challenge if I signed up. The person, may have been joking, but they challenged my focus, athleticism and determination. It really made me think, “Dave are you ready for this again?” Was I ready for C-L-E-A-N eating? Was I ready to push my body to the breaking point weekly? Was I ready to lift heavy weight again? Was I ready to sprint/bike/row fast again? Was I ready to spend the extra time and focus on being the best (that I can be)? I found out Saturday morning I was I was ready, more like I am ready.

CrossFit Champion of all-time? But no means! Re-kindling the flame, doesn’t mean I think I am invincible, doesn’t even mean I think I deserved to win the Cupid’s Challenge. It means I am ready to push my body to the limits and the test my training out at various events.

I want to finish the post with a few things. 1.) Thank you to all the people who have pushed and supported me over the last few weeks. Lindsey, Andy, Dustin, Dave M., Niki, Stephen, Jake. Working out with y’all, visiting with y’all and having y’all hold me accountable we instrumental in my preparation.  2.) one of my favorite quotes which was read almost daily during the training camp “to become something new, you must cease to be something old.”  – Fredrick Buechner 3.) A line from one of my favorite songs, “Pardon Me” by Incubus.

So pardon me while I burst
into flames.
I’ve had enough of the world
and its people’s mindless games.
So pardon me while I burn
and rise above the flame.
Pardon me, pardon me…
I’ll never be the same!



2 thoughts on “back on track

  1. First off Congrats! We are all proud of you and the individuals and team that competed for CFDC. Second, let us know what sprint tri you are going to do. We will go watch and yell for and at you!

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