Leading up to Cupid’s Challenge

Monday was awesome, i got to workout with Lindsey, my fiancee. It is such a blessing to share the desire for fitness with her. Most people view working out as “an escape” or “time for myself” however I like to think of it as part of my shared-life with her.

Shoulder Press 5×4 @ 135#
Happy with results, will look to move up next week.

Met-con w/ Lindsey as described below 18:38
3 rounds while holding/using 55# kettlebell (dave), 26# kettlebell (lindsey)
370 meter run
20 kb clean and jerks
15 knee-to-elbows
20 walking lunges

PM – endurance wod
1 on/:50 off; 1/:40; 1/:30; 1/:20; 1/:30; 1/:40/1:50 on the bike. quads are feeling this. wish i had a bike monitor so I could better control/know what my cadence was and miles.


Good work on this one. I did all sets of PC as touch-n-go at the bottom.

EMOTM for 12 minutes
3 Power Cleans (185#)
7 Wall-ball (20#)

I did the gymanstics wod from The Fittest Games

4 muscle-ups/20 toe-to-bars/40 double-under

4 mu/15 t2b/30 du

4 mu/10 t2b/ 20 du

4 mu 5 t2b/10 du

Didn’t miss any muscle-ups or double-unders. Had to break t2b a bit, but very pleased with my time 7:03



Deadlifts 7×2 @ 315 – Kept it light to eliminate soreness for competition tomorrow.

Front squat x 12 @ 175#

Pull-ups 3 x 20 rest 2:00

GHD sit-ups 3 x 10


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