And it begins…

So this week began my journey of pursuing endurance sports. I have begun 2-day workouts a few days per week with one of the workouts focusing purely on running/biking/swimming/ or rowing. This is a completely new world for me as I have only ran further and 1 mile inside and outside of training 2 twice. Each were 5k races and my times were decent 24:20, 23:22. I have always been interested by power type sports like football and track/field and never by endurance sports.

You may ask why are you to jump in now, well because I want to prove people wrong and prove people right. People I want to prove right are the following: CrossFit, CrossFit Endurance, Brian MacKenzie and myself. People I want to prove wrong are the following: CrossFit-haters, CFE-doubters, friends and family who think my training is crazy.

Friday, Feb 4th workout:

Deadlift 5×4 @ 345#

Bike: 5:00 on/2 off x 2 :60/:30 x 5

Don’t have a computer on the stationary bike so I don’t have any data. This was my first time on a bike in a long time, so I was mainly looking to re-introduce myself to the saddle.

Met-con: I didn’t follow the doctors orders (which is me) and I decided to hop in and do a met-con right after the bike ride. Lindsey, my beautiful fiancee, had just started the clock and was beginning the met-con. I figured I would jump in and try and push her.

4 rounds for time:

15 pull-ups, 20 walking lunges, 25 kb swings @ 55# = finish time 10:18

1st round – unbroken, 2nd round – 13/12 swings, 3 -4 broken up pull-ups and swings.

Grip was shot due to chilly weather and the back-to-back swing pull-ups.


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