Cabin Fever!

So this week North Texas was hit with it’s yearly ice storm, which most Texans call a snow storm. This has provided me with a few nice days away from the office to get some much needed mental relaxation. Even with the weather bad and forcing me to cancel all events at my gym, I was able to get a good workout in yesterday and will get one in today.

Yesterday I spent some time with an old friend of mine, the snatch. I felt very uncomfortable warming up and doing snatches at light weight yesterday, because it has been some time since I have moved a barbell in that way. Why you may ask…wish I had an answer for that question. Worked up to some doubles at 115# which was pathetic but it was where I limited myself yesterday. Below is the whole workout

Snatch skill work @ 65#

5 reps of the following: snatch grip deadlifts, jump shrugs, muscle snatches, snatch balance, hang squat snatches

95#x2 reps x 3 sets of full squat snatches

115# x 2 reps x 3 sets of full squat snatches

Very pleased with my form, Andy caught some on tape but I’m not sure where that is. If I can get it, I will post it. Andy… 🙂

Ring rows where next on the agenda, working on developing my pulling strength.

Propped my feet on a 36″ box jump and had the rings set so my head was hovering over the  floor. knocked out 5 sets of 5 reps, completely strict, no breaking of my core, turn out at the end, pause at the top. Going to keep working these in.

Conditioning was a 2k row. My personal best is a 7:42 which was performed during a competition workout in July of 2010. My goal was right around the 7 minute mark. I ended up pr’ing by 21 seconds even though I stopped pulling 3-4 times during the row. From my memory, I have  broken down of the 2000m below:

500m – 1:47 @ 24 spm

1000m – 1:51 @ 21 spm

1500 – 1:53 @ 21 spm

2000m – 1:51 @ 24 spm

I will go sub 7:00 in February!

Today: Feb 2nd – I did the following CFDC – Endurance workout

2 rounds of

5 min on/ 2 off

followed immediately by

5 rounds of

1 on/ :30 off


.76 miles for 1st 5:00

.71 miles for 2nd 5:00 (treadmill took forever to start)

.16 miles 1st (60)

.20 miles on 2 – 5 (60) kept tread at 11.0

extremely hard during, but felt awesome after. I’m now doing some hamstring PNF stretching to finish up.



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